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Penny arcade
Penny Arcade follows the adventures of Tycho and Gabe. These are two Hard Core gamers (note the
capitalization), who get mixed up in all sorts of mehshugas. For the most part, they poke fun at
the gaming industry. However, some strips play off of the character’s personalities, so until you
become familiar with Tycho, Gabe, and their supporting crew, some of the jokes will seem
unfunny. As for the art – woo! – it is the highest quality art I’ve ever seen in a web comic. And
every single strip is in full color – something most other web comic artists don’t do.

Player vs. Player

Created by Scott Kurtz.
Updates every day
PvP is set in the hallowed halls of (fictional) Player vs. Player Magazine. As with Penny
Arcade, most of the jokes has to do with gaming, although some just play off the personalities of
the characters. Each PvP week tends to feature a single storyline, with the jokes getting funnier
as the week progresses, climaxing on the weekend with a roll-on- the-floor hilarious wrap-up.
The art is high quality black and white, except for the Sunday strip, which is in full color. After
you hit PA, make certain you hit PvP right after. Be sure to check out Planet
Couch and Ding! on, which are also done by Scott Kurtz.

Dork Tower

Created by John Kovalic.
Updates every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Dork Tower is another funny strip that plays off of the old-fashioned Dungeons and Dragons
games more than anything else. It’s aimed at those of us who actually know what a Saving
Throw is (here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with sports). I’m not too sure what the setting is, but,
like PvP, it features a single storyline each week. If you like Dork Tower, then you should know
it’s also a bimonthly comic book, which delivers even funnier stuff than what’s on the web.

Little Gamers

Created by Christian Fundin.
Updates Almost Every Day
Don’t let the cute characters fool you, these little gamer kids have foul mouths and a love of beer
unmatched by any other comic. Some say the strip is a rip-off of south park, and indeed, it does
seem that way, but who cares? It brings home the funny, consistently and thoroughly, and that’s
all that matters.

Penny arcade website

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