What is Dual Universe about?

what is Dual universe

Dual Universe is created by the independent game studio Novaquark and wants to provide and immersive gaming experience unlike anything else. The game takes place in a procedural generated sci-fi universe co-created by players. Not only can you explore worlds, players can create structures, ships an space stations themselves by modifying the voxels based universe. It should all take place on a single server without zones or instances, a seamless persistent universe. You’re free to go wherever you want.


what is Dual Universe

Dual Universe is an upcoming crowdfunded Sci-Fi first person sandbox MMORPG. The game aims to provide a persistent universe where players without cutscenes. Everything in-game is created by the players, ships, cities and even space stations. The player driven economy will consist of trading, territories, even politics and warfare. If that scares you it’s good to know that the game will support both PvP and non-PvP. How this will all work remains unknown for know.

Combining game elements we haven’t seen before

One of the most unique features is that everything can be created by players, even fully script complex behaviours for constructions with the help of Lua programming language. This is what really got my interest, it combines elements of space games like Eve and Star Citizen. On top of that the creation element could be compared to Minecraft, like scripting components and building blocks. This all sounds very ambitious, but we need ambition to get PC gaming to the next level. This is why I love independent studio’s, they don’t have the pressure of meeting deadlines like EA.

Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

The crowdfunding campaign started September 7th, 2016, and ended October 8th, 2016 raising €565,983 (about $650,000) with over 8000 backers. The game received overwhelming support having successfully reached its €500,000 goal. Funding is still possible by pledging for the game on their own website. The current pledging counter is well over $6 million and some private investors have contributed $3.7m.

Dual Universe released date

The release date for PC is unknown as the game is in pre- alpha ,although the initial aim was december 2018. Game development takes time and estimations are just well…guesstimates. With the success of the initial campaign and the additional budget the scope is probably bigger than they anticipated.
You always run into bugs or unforeseen complexities. Major tasks can turn out to be minor and seemingly simple tasks can get huge. With projects like these there are many dependencies which can cause delays.

Alpha testing is planned for the first quarter of 2017,  maybe we’ll get to see some footage. If you want to get a taste of the game you could pledge which gains backers access the private alpha and beta.

for the moment expected at the end of the fourth quarter of 2017″ – Tests delayed by a few weeks, since the studio was considering the first tests in the first half of 2017, before delaying them to September and so we can now wait until December. We have to patiently await, remembering in any case that the project seems strong enough to have attracted traditional investors.

System requirements, platforms etc

There’s no official answer to the system requirements. We’ll learn more about this closer to the beta release and once the game is fully optimized.

Unfortunately for you console players out there they haven’t mentioned anything about Xbox, PS4 or other consoles. With the scope and scale of the game it might be possible that the current generation of consoles aren’t capable of providing a proper gaming experience.

So what are you going to be?

Dual Universe promises to allow you to be a lonely pirate, engineer, crew member of a big space ship or maybe you want to be a janitor on a lonely outpost. There’s also mention of exploration, mining, combat, trading and even politics. the possibilities could be endless. How this will all come together remains to be seen. The idea is that the economy will be jumpstarted by NPS’s. After that it’s up to the players to run the market and simulate the economy.

The Space game is back!

It’s a great time to be alive when it comes to space games. With the introduction of video games like Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous the genre is becoming popular again. DU sounds like a very ambitious project and until we’ve seen some game-play I will remain skeptical. $7m isn’t a big budget considering what they want to deliver. That being said, let’s hope they succeed and deliver this promising game.  I’ll keep following the development closely.


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