Project 24 review: One year at income school and my success

I bet you came across Ricky and Jim’s videos on Youtube and wondered if these guys are legit. Income school offers a course called Project 24 on side income and offer high quality videos on youtube.

I got sucked into Project 24 over a year ago, they have some sort of charismatic energy and come off genuine which just sold me. It’s been a good year. I’ve been doing SEO for a few years now always trying to take shortcuts, but after joining there course it finally clicked.

Let me get to the point real quick, you don’t replace your full time job without working hard, you need to be very motivated to succeed. There are no shortcuts, this requires dedication and being on top of your game.

This will be a very thorough post about what they teach and lots of tips to think about once you get in to avoid beginner mistakes. I’m going to completely disect the course to excruitiating detail and adding my personal experience.

You might want to grab a cup of coffee or a cold one, depending on the time of day. After that I’ll share my own data and how I did it, nothing like real examples right? Let’s go!

What’s so appealing about Project 24?

If you manage to succeed and put in all the dedication, you will be in full control of your life. No clients to deal with, getting paid 24/7 and less stress.

What caught my attention is how genuine they are. They show their stats, keywords and aren’t afraid to expose their niches. I haven’t seen anyone do this and it’s usually risky to show your niche!

They offer tons of videos, best practices and a supporting community. Content gets updated regularly and new courses get added on regular basis.

They are the real deal

It doesn’t come more transparent than these two guys. Jim and Ricky have been doing this for a long time and share almost everything on their Youtube Channel. It’s possible to follow their advice without buying the course, but it would make it much harder.

They are very involved in the active community and help members out facing difficult decissions. Don’t expect them to answer all your questions, it would be a full time job. The community is a great resource and people will help you out all the time.

They share all their statistics and even their websites and best performing pages. This already got them in trouble because someone started to copy their sites, but was shut down eventually. The difference is that they actively create niche sites, they are on top of it and share everything they learn using their data.

Sharing all the details is unique, nobody does that and it doesn’t get more genuine than that. You also get a super fast free theme and a plugin to make monitizing your site a lot easier!

What got me into the project

I have a really well paying job that I actually love. I’m a designer in the tech industry, but I can’t see myself doing this until I retire. So I wanted to take matters into my own hand, and it seems like many people feel this way.

No more 9 to 5, no two jobs to make ends meet. Just you being in control and getting everything out of life, and reducing stress to a minimum. You can just plan a vacation and you still get paid, but reality is that you still have to work.

Maybe you just want that shiny car, pay for your kids college or pay off your mortgage. Even 100 bucks a month would help right?

Well those 100 bucks are actually pretty easy. Once you start earning, you’ll feel more confident. You have a goal and you want to succeed, that mindset alone gives you a huge confidence boost and helps you to deal with your everyday struggles, at least in my experience. I see my income increasing every month, and it motivates me to keep going.

Passive income doesn’t exist, you need to do a lot of work first. To be honest, no, I’m not there yet. I do have a decent ‘passive’ income but I’m working my ass off. Let’s move on an talk about what’s in the course.

The project 24 package

Project 24 courses dashboard

Let’s go into their package and what you get for your money, it’s an investment sure, that’s what held me back because I’ve fallen for that before. If you compare it to other courses, it’s still pretty cheap though. I’ve seen courses up to $3,000 and all they offered was hacks to trick Google.

In essence they will teach you how to create your own niche website by producing high quality content. You’ll get an in-depth course on how to identify the right keywords that don’t haev a lot of competition. No matter if you’re completely new at this or a seasoned blogger, you will get something out of this.

My first login over a year ago was a pleasant surprise, incomeschool offers the complete package. To me their approach to keyword research was an eye opener. They constantly offer updates and improve the course to make sure you have a better chance of succeeding.

Anyway lets see what incomeschool offers:

  • 60 Steps to a Successful Site: A step by step process to get your content out there. From setting up a site to writing articles and monetizing.
  • Youtube: For those interested they offer a course on how to Youtube.
  • Search Analysis: The most important course in Project 24, this course teaches you the Income School way of finding topics for articles.
  • Picking Profitable Niches: How to pick a profitable niche and stick with it.
  • No Nonsense SEO: Learn SEO the Income School way. No tricks, just results.
  • Web Traffic Snowball: Gain traffic quickly and consistently by promoting your content the right way.
  • Email Marketing 101: How to get e-mail subscribers to increase revenue.
  • Myth busting: Busting the myths ‘guru’s’ teach about internet marketing and SEO.
  • Hire and Train Writers: Invet your earnig to speed things up.
  • Photography: Learn how to take great photo’s for your blog.
  • Site reviews: See how others did on Project 24, their mistakes and what they did right.
  • Improve and Speed Up Your Writing: How to write great articles fast and efficient.
  • Monetize with Ads: how to monetize your blog using different adnetworks.
  • The Success Mindset: Motivational videos to keep you going.

Theres much more but I’m not going to go through everything to preventme from writing a book. I’ll cover the most important parts, 400 bucks is quite an investment and you need to know if this is really someting you could take on.

Search analysis

Google is more about topics these days, their algorithm is smart enough to identify what exactly your topic is about but it still needs a bit of help. The way they teach you how to write about the right topics just works. The Project24 approach provides is probably the best kept secret that was staring in your face the whole time; Google!

No need for expensive tools like Ahrefs, don’t bother with search volume (it’s very inaccurate) or blasting links by building parasites and Web 2.0 tier 3 pyramid structures. If this sounds completely alien to you, good! Don’t bother with that stuff. If you’re still doing it, stop it.

Project24 offers the cheapest keyword research tool. It only will cost time, common sense, and a few monthly cents added to your electrical bills. They call it the ‘alphabet soup method’ and it’s all about Google suggestions.

Google offers a few search hacks that the average searcher is unaware of, it’s pretty simple. Just check the list below and add your keyword.

keyword research analysis menthod
  • How to
  • How much
  • How often
  • Can you
  • When to
  • Do ‘keyword’
  • When was ‘keyword’
  • etc

That’s basically it but there’s more, behold the power of the asteriks.

  • How to * when
  • How often *
  • etc

These are the basics (but there’s more) and depending on the niche you pick, there are so many keywords untouched which can bring in traffic. What you do is gathering them all in a list and come up with interesting titles.

Project24 is all whitehat, no tricks that get you penalized or other shenanigens. You don’t have to worry about Google getting smarter, just write quality content and avoid the bigger keywords until you become an authority.

Competitor analysis

Another great insight that really helped in this course is their way of analysing the competition. I used to pay 100 bucks a month using expensive tools to analyse the competition but there are a few ways that tell you you have a shot.

It’s forum results. If there is any particular question you come around and there’s a forum on top like Reddit or Quora, you have a shot at ending up numer one.

Research the topic and write about 1300 to 1500 words about it using their ‘post recipe’. 1500 words may seem like a lot, but it’s actually not that big of a deal. At first it will take you a lot of effort, once you become comfortable and used to writing you’ll drop those words within one or two hours after researching the topic.

If you see big names on top, avoid the topic. There is now way to beat huge blogs unless they have a post that are about 600 words or outdated/inaccurate (at least 5 years old). I’ve managed to beat authorities but I also bit the dust. You’ll learn and adapt, some posts will be more successful than others.

Here are a few of their alternative ways of finding topics:


Reddit is a great source for topics and keywords. Any niche you can think of is covered. All you have to do is get the App or subscribe to subs that are related to your niche to become familiar with your audience.

Even if you are an expert, Reddit provides many questions that you’ll see being posted over and over again. This means there is an opportunity and post like these will get you at least 30 visitors a day (unless it’s really exotic).


Even though Quora has become of cesspool of spammers, there are still a few gems. If you see a quora result on the first page there is a chance of ranking for that topic. Usually there’s valuable information in there (and lot’s of people promoting their spammy afiliate websites).

Answer the public

A great tool to identify topics people are interested in. Just drop your topic and look at the results. Make sure you switch to the data because their UI is questionable.

I’m currently in a niche that’s booming and this website really helped me to go for a couple of topics Google couldn’t provide. Main issue with this website is that they don’t have the data Google owns so you should really know your niche when deciding to go for a new article. It’s a hit or mis to be honest.

No nonsense SEO

This truly is an eye opener for people that have been stuggling. On-page SEO, off-page seo, PBN’s, web 2.0’s, even pagespeed, it’s all crap. Sure backlinks still work and guest posts are a thing to get trusted, but it’s only short term. The days of churn and burn are over, no way you can get away with blasting a billion links and think you can rank.

Even if you do, Google will catch up and all that effort was in vain. In fact, it takes so much time and resources you can just write quality content play fair There’s no way in conning Google and they tell you to stop doing that stuff.

Their focus is on quality content, though many ‘gurus’ tell you to get guest posts and backlinks they are completely wrong. They’re so out of touch with reality and only get boxed into their own way of thinking.

Sure if you have a huge authority blog, getting featured in related authory blogs will work, but not for small bloggers. These guys made it before Google got smarter, and most of them haven’t create a niche site in years.

The project 24 post recipe

Once you know how to analyse the competition it’s time to decide on how beefy your post needs to be. Project 24 offers a tested method that has proven to be successful. They offer over 15 years of experience doing white hat SEO, the stuff that worked back then still works these days; quality content and knowing your target audience.

Forum results require about 1300 to 1500 words, the so called response posts More difficult competition need 2500 words, but the articles in the top 3 to 5 need to be outdated or really short. If you can provide more details and really ad valuable content you have a good shot at ranking number one.

Now for the beefy stuff, see what I did here> This post? It’s absolutely huge! Even though this is an old website and the competition is real, I wrote an absolute monsterpost. I don’t recommend doing this type of stuff.

Response posts

These are the type of post to write when you see forums ranking on top, if you do a query and a forum like Quora, Reddit or anything in your niche on top, you’re solid. Write a post that answers the question, make sure it’s better and add value. People will be coming in and this also earns you trust from the big search engine.

Some do well and others don’t. Funny thing is that I get most of my traffic from response posts looking at my Google Analytics data (except for my huge hit).

My advice would be to diversify. Mix it with useful info and a few to help you to direct people to resource pages where you recommend products (more about that later).

Staple posts

If you see forum post near the bottom or short articles that are old, it’s time to step in. Write 2000 to 2500 words and make it very detailed. Do your research and come up with the best possible answer, it should be way better than the competitition.

Staple posts can be worth gold, my biggest succes are staples. I have one page that gets me 200 visitors a day and earns me quite some money.

Pillar posts.

Pillar posts need to be at least 3000 to 3500 words, this is where you bring out the big guns and completely cover and entire subject making it the best possible article on the web.

These will take a long time to write but it can be very fulfulling posting them and seeing the traffic coming in after 8 to 12 months.

Resource pages

This is where you promote products and review them. Real pictures usually work better because authenticity is more convincing. You direct your incoming traffic to these pages when it’s appropriate.

The advantage is that you don’t have to put affiliate links everywhere and people that are really interested will convert better.

Picking a good niche

A good niche, what is that exactly? The most expensive products on Amazon? Lots of buyer intent? Gambling, loans? Nah, the best niche is something you know a little or a lot bit about. It’s actually the biggest struggle and soon enough you’re over analyzing everything.

It takes a lot of dedicaion to dive into a niche you know nothing about. It can work but if you never experienced it yourself you’re going to come off of someone who’s winging it. Be careful taking on a niche you now zero about.

Project 24 offers a huge list of 300 niches to pick from, but be aware! If you decide to pick one of the more profitable niches at least 10 people are already on it. This means your smaller posts need to be a bit more beefy and you really want to avoid that. Make sure to check the second and thirs page of Google, you’ll often find Project 24 members sitting there waiting to get to the first page!

60 Steps to a Successful Site

Basically they offer you a course with 60 steps to go through with videos and instructions to guide you through the entire process. I already covered the most important stuff but before you can publsih your first post you need to know how.

You’l learn how to setup and manage a site, how to format posts, how to use Youtube, how to deal with images and logo’s. Step one to nine completely guides you through the process.

Setting up your site

It’s all about WordPress, it’s an excellent tool and pretty easy once you get to know it. If you know how to use Word, you will learn how to deal with WordPress.

Income school offers a complete course on how to set things up, using the right pluggins and how to install them.


Project24 recommends Bluehost which is a good host unless you’re in the EU (you need to send your ID and give away all sorts of personal stuff). For a small site I would just go with one of the cheaper hosts like Namecheap, I hate them and love them. Sure they’re not the fastest but I still haven’t had any serious issues at 50k visitors a month and it’s really cheap.

Choosing a domain name

One of the first suggestions income school’s Project 24 tells you is thinking of a domain name. Now most of the .com domains are gone but you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. It’s not even that complicated to change and scale up once you reach the limits of your domain.

I see so many people strugling with domain names, they get stuck and don’t move on. Just make sure not to use any dashes and make sure it’s about your niche but should still be general enough to expand.

If you pick kiteboarding for example, make sure you can expand to other sports in the genre when you covered the entire niche. This will prevent you from having to register a new domain and start all over again.

Writing your articles

They guide you through every post leaving motivational videos and giving solid advice. They know how to get you pumped to you to keep going. This is probably one of the most important factors if you want to succeed. You gotta keep on trucking!

To keep things organized they offer an Excelsheet that allows you to list all your articles, track their progress and see what works and what doesn’t. Keeping an overview is not too much to aks, at a certain point you’ll forget what you did and didn’t write. I actually wrote an article twice by mistake but this tool helps me to prevent that from happening.

Monetizing your site

Once you have neough content they’ll guide you through the process in monetizing your site. They have a different approach than most thin affiliate sites you see out there.

Resource pages are an excellent way of promoting products while staying trustworthy. It also keeps all your affiliate links in one place.

Pitfalls of project 24

Project 24 is not for people that go all in at first but quickly give up. You won’t see any results for a long time and it can take up to 6 months before you earn anything.

During my endaevor I came across a few sites that had the P24 profile all over it. Some really nailed it; great quality content and awesome pictures. I also came across people just winging it and it was pretty obvious they had no clue about the niche. They just grabbed every Google search suggestions which is sort of a shotgun approach. Some search queries don’t make any sense!

Sure Jim and Ricky don’t think it’s a bad thing to get into a niche you’re unfamiliar with BUT you really need to experience it yourself (which they also advocate). Winging it is a recipe for disaster, you can pump out 100 articles and totally misfire. People will see though and won’t follow up on you recommendations, which is a big part of earning an income.

Funny thing though, one of the first members of Project24 actually got into unknow territory and was able to earn 10K a month. Exception to the rule I guess.

Over analysing everything

Once you went through a part of the course you’ll start doubting yourself first thing you want to write Here’s a few that I have and often see in the community.

  • Will this article bring in traffic?
  • I’m 4 months in and hardly get visitors!
  • Is my site fast enough?
  • Is my niche profitable?
  • I’m feeling like a fraud! Who am I to write about this stuff?
  • How on earth can I write all this stuff, I’m already swamped with work/family/friends etc

Just a few of the many problems you’ll encounter but you need to make sacrifices and plan ahead. 30 articles won’t cut it and 10 youtube videos sure aint going to make you rich. Just take your time, make goals, set milestones and think of what you want to achieve.

Project24 isn’t about getting rich in a year, it’s a lifestyle. At some point you can start working less, quite that second job or start working part time. And if possible invest. Find a decent writer and use the money you earn to make your blog grow.

Once I earned over $200 I hired a writer and was able to put more content out there.

Fear uncertainty and doubt

Get ready for a mental rollercoaster. Once you wrote 30 plus posts you’ll start doubting yourself and probably even sooner. Why am I doing this, does this stuff really work and my site is a ghost town?

Totaly normal. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You’ll be pooring your hear and soul into this and it will take a mental toll. You will doubting everything and feel like it’s all for nothing.

This is the breaking point for many people, they just give up because they don’t see results. Even though Project 24 teaches you to be independent in 24 months, it’s not guaranteed. I’d say rename it to project 48 if you want to take it slow. Four years to quit your job, doesn’t sound bad right?

The people who make it

Project 24 is fairly new but there already are lots of people killing it making 1,000 to 10,000 a month. Most of them already have been trying for years with a few exeptions.

There’s one thing they have in common, dedication. They go up early and write, go to work, get back home and write. I also do some writing in the weekends and am fortunate enough to have a good writer. I can afford a writer because I was writing a lightspeed in the early stages. once you earn enough you can use that money to invest. Work smarter not harder!

This means I’m getting closer each day. It doesn’t cost me anything and the more I earn, the more I can outsource. At some point it’s a snowball effect, just give it time and things will start rolling.

The people that fail

There are a few factors that I’ve been able to identify that makes people fail. Don’t be discourage because I failed over and over again until it clicked.

The main reason people fail is not doing proper research, make sure you know the topics you write about also attracts visitors. Make sure you know a little about the niche before you start writing an artilce titled ‘Do pigeons actually exist?’.

Second problem is expecting results too soon. It takes at least 30 to 60 posts before you know if you’re on the right track. The sooner you put them out there the sooner you know it you’re on the right track.

Another one is not diversifying yout topics. Don’t only write about ‘Product X vs Product Y’. Don’t stuff affiliate links everywhere, earn peoples trust. Writing different types of posts helps to gain insight in what your audience wants. In the end, a good quality post can bring in lots of traffic and earn you a decent amount of income from ads alone.

Some people never get passed the theorzing phase. I see people over analysing everything instead of getting work done. Write the content and visitors will come, think about monetizing later.

My results after a year

I had some succes using this method and right now things are hitting off. I expect to make a full time income in about a year or two but not willing to quit my job just yet.

Here are the stats of one of my sites, it has 60 posts and I let it grow for a while. Right now I’m working on it and want to push that site to over 200 articles.

My results - Google analytics

It now earns me about $500 a month from affiliates and ads, and it just keeps growing fast. I expect to double the income of this site in the next few months. I haven’t really focussed on products and am currently in the process of moving to a premium ad network.

  • Currently it gets over 1k organic vistors a day
  • Site grows between 20 and 30% each month
  • Daily affiliate sales
  • Ad revenue is increasing every week

Imagine what will happen in a year from now, I’ll make sure to update this post and share my results.

Should you buy Project 24?

If you are highly motivated and are looking for a decent side income that can eventually replace your job, you should go for it. $449 seems like a lot of money but you’ll earn that back in no time if you follow the recipe.

When looking back, $449 is a steal (I paid 399 by the way, prices seem to increase). I make much more than that every month, and am eternally grateful to Jim and Ricky. I feel like I got my life on track, heading where I want to be and am in control. Project 24 is the ultimate white hat SEO course.

If this is the path you want to follow and are willing to do the work, you should go for it. Waiting won’t do anything, the sooner you start the better. You can sign up here.

Once signed up it’s up to you. It will take some adjustments and planning but it’s not impossible to do. I have a family, a job and am working on 3 sites at the same time. Taking a break now and then also is adviced. Once you start to earn you can invest in writers to speed things up, this has certainly worked for me. Good luck out there and go write killer content!

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