Star Trek Discovery heading for darkness

I’m glad there is a new Star Trek show after such a long time, I can live with the changes they made, the darker and grim feel, edgelords saying ‘fuck’ and finally there’s a gay couple! It’s not the Trek we are used to I admit, but these are different times now and concepts from the 60’s probably wouldn’t work with today’s audience.

Let me tell you, I’m not one of them but once I learned about the haters I got curious why. Throughout Trek history people hated new shows. Fans hated on TNG because it wasn’t the original show, fans hated Deep space 9 because of reasons,  Voyager wasn’t real Trek and I rather not talk about the last show… Enterprise.

So why is there a large number of fans that feel like Star Trek discovery is completely pissing on Roddenberry’s grave?

The show we need, not the show we deserve

One of the first criticism was about the look of the Klingons, until everyone was reminded how Klingons looked in The Original Series. It seems like change is something that’s hard to deal with for most people. Trekkies are a bit on the extreme end of that spectrum.

Valid criticism though is about inconsistencies, plot holes and just illogical behavior of characters. The security officer decides to take on the space pig which previously slaughtered a dozen Klingons. She drops the force field, uses the same weapon that has proven ineffective and gets killed instantly.  You don’t have to be a Vulcan to see this doesn’t make any sense at all.

Or what about Star fleet officers actively pursuing creatures to exploit for their spore drive?  I remember Janeway imprisoned the Equinox crew for doing just that. Or lets salvage a telescope but leave the CPU behind, really? I also don’t get how the Klingons we’re able to capture a Star Fleet captain deep in Federation space. Where did they get the intell?

I know these are just details but there are many examples ignoring Star Trek lore. Hologram communication was never a thing until now. A ship with spore drive technology that wasn’t even available hundreds of years in the future. Not to mention the spore drive animation ship flip is overkill.

Moving away from the old

It seems like Star Trek Discovery is moving away from the familiar and is going where no Trek series has gone before. This causes discomfort with the audience as they lose the means to identify themselves with the show. Star Trek is less predictable as it breaks the lores rules and I think this is actually great. It’s time to break assumption and stick to what we are emotionally comfortable with, leave our comfort zone and move on. This is not the 60’s, 80’s or 90’s  and I’m glad the writers and directors took this direction. The show needs something fresh and interesting and I think they are heading in the right direction.

Star Trek discovery just confirmed its renewal for the second season and I hope to see many more seasons.


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