What’s the purpose of Billy in Stranger Things 2

what is the point of billy - starnger things 2

I’m probably a little bit late to the Stranger Things 2 party but I can’t help thinking about Billy. I mean, what was the point of this character, he seemed so off compared to the rest of the characters. His 1 dimensional and antagonistic personality just doesn’t make any sense, and the lack of arc is painful to watch.

Yes, he may be an antagonist to counterbalance Steve and the supernatural. There’s the tension between him and his step-sister Max, the from abuse by his father which explains his own behavior. This is pretty obvious but you can’t deny his character was very poorly written.

I want to point out that I loved watching Stranger Things season 2. Wish I could binge it in a day, but alas, I’ve got other stuff to do.


Anyway back to ‘Mad’ Max’s step-brother, Billy. Why was he in season 2? Roaring around in your blue Camaro muscle car, tight jeans to show of your ‘nice ass’, smoking while working out (wut?). Billy is just a over the top dick and a joke, I’m sorry I thought his character just didn’t fit.

Will Billy be the Stranger Things season 3 villain?

Maybe we’re being prepared for Stranger things season 3 and Billy turns into a villain. It’s just a theory trying to make sense of his forced character. Billy becomes possessed by some evil and becomes a super villain. I’m just scratching my head here because Billy wasn’t needed to portray Max as a troubled kid. Also his interaction with Steve felt over the top, it reminds me of a South Park episode with the Aspen Bully. The New King narrative just didn’t work for me.

Hello Ms Wheeler

Another over the top sceneĀ  was when Billy met Karen Wheeler. Karen sure was in the mood for bad boy Billy and the cookie scene was hilarious. It felt like looking at a pron movie only with better acting. Maybe we’ll see more of these two next season.

Is Billy attracted to Steve?

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There has been talk about Billy being attracted to Steve. There are several hints like his overly aggressive behavior and remarks he makes in the shower scene.

As for Steve, he went from a huge douche bag to a responsible guy who takes care of the kids and protects the weak, all while being heart broken (poor guy). Not sure if he needed Billy for that though.

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